Experimental lifecycle Extracts and returns statistics from a tbl_cross object for inline reporting in an R markdown document. Detailed examples in the inline_text vignette

# S3 method for tbl_cross
inline_text(x, col_level = NULL, row_level = NULL, pvalue_fun = NULL, ...)



a tbl_cross object


Level of the column variable to display. Default is NULL Can also specify "p.value" for the p-value and "stat_0" for Total column.


Level of the row variable to display. Can also specify the 'Unknown' row. Default is NULL


Function to round and format p-values. Default is style_pvalue. The function must have a numeric vector input (the numeric, exact p-value), and return a string that is the rounded/formatted p-value (e.g. pvalue_fun = function(x) style_pvalue(x, digits = 2) or equivalently, purrr::partial(style_pvalue, digits = 2)).


Not used


A string reporting results from a gtsummary table

See also

Other tbl_cross tools: add_p.tbl_cross(), tbl_cross()


tbl_cross <- tbl_cross(trial, row = trt, col = response) %>% add_p() inline_text(tbl_cross, row_level = "Drug A", col_level = "1")
#> [1] "28"
inline_text(tbl_cross, row_level = "Total", col_level = "1")
#> [1] "61"
inline_text(tbl_cross, col_level = "p.value")
#> [1] "p=0.7"