Experimental lifecycle Use this function to set preferences for the display of gtsummary tables. The default formatting and styling throughout the gtsummary package are taken from the published reporting guidelines of the top four urology journals: European Urology, The Journal of Urology, Urology and the British Journal of Urology International. Use this function to change the default reporting style to match another journal, or your own personal style.





A gtsummary theme function, e.g. theme_gtsummary_journal(), or a named list defining a gtsummary theme. See details below.

Example Output


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# Setting JAMA theme for gtsummary set_gtsummary_theme(theme_gtsummary_journal("jama"))
#> Setting `JAMA` theme
#> Setting `JAMA` theme
# Themes can be combined by including more than one set_gtsummary_theme(theme_gtsummary_compact())
#> Setting `Compact` theme
#> Setting `Compact` theme
set_gtsummary_theme_ex1 <- trial %>% dplyr::select(age, grade, trt) %>% tbl_summary(by = trt) %>% add_stat_label() %>% as_gt() # reset gtsummary theme reset_gtsummary_theme()