Report statistics from summary tables inline

# S3 method for gtsummary
inline_text(x, variable, level = NULL, column = NULL, pattern = NULL, ...)



gtsummary object


Variable name of statistic to present


Level of the variable to display for categorical variables. Default is NULL


Column name to return from x$table_body.


String indicating the statistics to return. Uses glue::glue formatting. Default is NULL


Not used

column + pattern

Some gtsummary tables report multiple statistics in a single cell, e.g. "{mean} ({sd})" in tbl_summary() or tbl_svysummary(). We often need to report just the mean or the SD, and that can be accomplished by using both the column= and pattern= arguments. When both of these arguments are specified, the column argument selects the column to report statistics from, and the pattern argument specifies which statistics to report, e.g. inline_text(x, column = "stat_1", pattern = "{mean}") reports just the mean from a tbl_summary().