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ggsurvfit 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2023-10-31

  • By default, a model plot created with ggsurvfit() or ggcuminc() uses the color aesthetic to plot curves by the stratifying variable(s), and further, ggcuminc() uses the linetype aesthetic for plots that contain multiple outcomes (i.e. competing events). We now introduce the global option "ggsurvfit.switch-color-linetype" to switch these defaults, giving users more flexibility over the output figures. Furthermore, when the linetype_aes= argument is called in a situation when it does not apply, it will be silently ignored (previously, an error message may have been thrown). (#166)

  • Slightly increased the padding to the right of the plot when scale_ggsurvfit() is called. (#165)

  • Now exporting the utility function ggsurvfit_align_plots() that is used to ensure risktable and the primary plot align. By exporting this function, users will now be able to construct custom risktable graphics. See ?ggsurvfit_align_plots() for an example. (#175)

ggsurvfit 0.3.1

CRAN release: 2023-08-28

  • For transformations in tidy_survfit() that change the monotonicity of the curve, the conf.low and conf.high column names are now switched. (#154)

ggsurvfit 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-03-16

  • Added feature in add_risktable(risktable_stats=) to accept glue-like syntax—anything inside curly brackets will be evaluated. Users can now place multiple types of statistics on the same row, including allowing users to style the statistics in any way they like by adding rounding/formatting functions within the curly brackets. Users may now also display estimates and confidence limits in the risk table. (#135)

  • Updated ggsurvfit(), tidy_survfit(), and survfit2() to handle survival::coxph() models. (#9)

  • Updated the default margin size when a risktable is added to a figure. Namely, the primary plot’s bottom margin is set to zero, along with each risktable’s top and bottom margin. Moreover, the top and bottom margin of the legend is also set to zero.

ggsurvfit 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2022-12-06

  • All calls to aes() have been migrated from ggplot() to the individual geoms, e.g. geom_step(). This was done because adding the aes() call in ggplot() led to an error when a later geom is added with user-created data. (#127)

  • Delay adding the conf.low and conf.high to the ggplot aes() until add_confidence_interval() has been called. Previously, these were being added in the first call to ggplot(tidy_data, aes(x = time, y = estimate, ymin = conf.low, ymax = conf.high)). The result was that figures that did not show the confidence interval still created space for the CI in the plot area. This update eliminates that blank space. (#123)

  • Migrated the ‘scales’ package from ‘Imports:’ to ‘Suggests:’, i.e. from a strong to a weak dependency. (#120)

  • Updated ggplot size= argument to linewidth= where needed as of ggplot2 v3.4.0 (#131)

ggsurvfit 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2022-10-15

Breaking changes

  • Changed the default of the ggsurvfit_build(combine_plots=) argument to TRUE.

New features

  • Added function add_pvalue() to place p-values in the figure caption or as a text annotation.

  • Added the add_quantile(x_value=) argument that places line segments at the time specified.

  • Added the scale_ggsurvfit() function that wraps both ggplot2::scale_x_continuous() and ggplot2::scale_y_continuous() and uses reduced padding (via the expand= argument), labels y-axis with percentages (labels=), adds additional break points on the x-axis (n.breaks=8), and sets the y-axis limits to c(0, 1) (limits=). (#82)

  • Added function add_legend_title() that adds a title for the strata in the figure legend.

  • Package now depends on {ggplot2}, meaning that it’ll be attached anytime {ggsurvfit} is attached. (#62)

  • Added S3 methods grid.draw.ggsurvfit() and grid.draw.ggcuminc() which in turn allows us to save images from the package directly with ggplot2::ggsave() (#107)

  • Added support for multi-state models created with survfit(), i.e. competing risks from the survival package. (#83)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Updated the default behavior of add_risktable(risktable_group='auto') to minimize the number of risk tables that appear below the figure. (#117)

  • Increased the default font size on the plot and in the risk tables, and added arguments to control font size in the risk table theme. (#103)

  • When using a CDISC ADTTE data frame, the label saved in PARAM/PARAMCD will be used as the default x-axis label in ggsurvfit(). (#97)

  • When the survfit(weights=) argument is utilized, the number at risk, number of observed events, etc. are a non-integer numbers. The counts in the risk table are now rounded to the nearest integer. (#90)

  • Converted the gallery vignette to an article. (#75)

  • Bug fix when Surv_CNSR() is used in conjunction with ggsurvfit(). The default x-axis label is incorrectly attributed to a stratifying variable, when present. (#100)

  • Fix in survfit2() that allows users to pass arguments with non-standard evaluation, i.e. bare column names. (#90)

ggsurvfit 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-08-27

  • First release.