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ggsurvfit 0.2.0

Breaking changes

  • Changed the default of the ggsurvfit_build(combine_plots=) argument to TRUE.

New features

  • Added function add_pvalue() to place p-values in the figure caption or as a text annotation.

  • Added the add_quantile(x_value=) argument that places line segments at the time specified.

  • Added the scale_ggsurvfit() function that wraps both ggplot2::scale_x_continuous() and ggplot2::scale_y_continuous() and uses reduced padding (via the expand= argument), labels y-axis with percentages (labels=), adds additional break points on the x-axis (n.breaks=8), and sets the y-axis limits to c(0, 1) (limits=). (#82)

  • Added function add_legend_title() that adds a title for the strata in the figure legend.

  • Package now depends on {ggplot2}, meaning that it’ll be attached anytime {ggsurvfit} is attached. (#62)

  • Added S3 methods grid.draw.ggsurvfit() and grid.draw.ggcuminc() which in turn allows us to save images from the package directly with ggplot2::ggsave() (#107)

  • Added support for multi-state models created with survfit(), i.e. competing risks from the survival package. (#83)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Updated the default behavior of add_risktable(risktable_group='auto') to minimize the number of risk tables that appear below the figure. (#117)

  • Increased the default font size on the plot and in the risk tables, and added arguments to control font size in the risk table theme. (#103)

  • When using a CDISC ADTTE data frame, the label saved in PARAM/PARAMCD will be used as the default x-axis label in ggsurvfit(). (#97)

  • When the survfit(weights=) argument is utilized, the number at risk, number of observed events, etc. are a non-integer numbers. The counts in the risk table are now rounded to the nearest integer. (#90)

  • Converted the gallery vignette to an article. (#75)

  • Bug fix when Surv_CNSR() is used in conjunction with ggsurvfit(). The default x-axis label is incorrectly attributed to a stratifying variable, when present. (#100)

  • Fix in survfit2() that allows users to pass arguments with non-standard evaluation, i.e. bare column names. (#90)

ggsurvfit 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-08-27

  • First release.